Casting Shadows…

Don’t be angry when his heart wanders Don’t sit in the house and try to ponder You never quite understand – here’s why No matter your reach it’s still too high. The truth is that I cast a long shadow. Across the days and nights from sunrise to sunset Devotion is something that a heart […]

You Eclipse Me

The Sun is in love with the Moon. How on Earth could such a thing be true? The Sun is fieriest passion ignited in the radiance Of the Words of Creation in perpetual motion. But the Moon is but a watcher, timing the tides. Should one so magnificent to be near is to die in […]

Strange Fruit –

Walking through the dark woods one night I see Strange Fruit Swinging black as the night from a white oak tree Strange Fruit hanging And I gaze up and ask what crime was committed Strange Fruit hanging down Or was there none but what was made fitted Strange Fruit hanging down from  What little excuse  […]

Letter to her Lover –

My love, It was always you You haunt my dreams and my reality. Since I was a girl I have longed for you For your kisses and your gentle caresses. Even your bites are like sweet poison in my veins I delight in the pain because it comes from you. I have loved you all […]