Heroin in Her Tears – By Sydney Knox

It was raining and cold the night Angela Hicks found her messiah in the most unlikely of places. ‘Ang’ as her family and frenemies called her, was at the end of her rope and out of ideas. Ang had no money and no place to go. The only thing she did have was a car […]

When Life Ain’t So Grand – By Sydney Knox

They called him “Chicken George” and whispered that he was a hard-living man, never without his bottle of gin or a woman to share it.  I didn’t know about all that, I just called him Grandpy. I have heard stories about him since I was a little girl.  Not that anybody would tell such things to a six-year-old, […]

Ella On The Far Side – By Sydney Knox

Ella was twenty-seven when it happened. She had long been fascinated by the deep end of the lake – the very middle to be exact – since she was a child. The lake was just an old stone quarry, long abandoned by the town that grew up around it. The lake was her favorite place.  […]