Letter to her Lover –

My love, It was always you
You haunt my dreams and my reality.
Since I was a girl I have longed for you
For your kisses and your gentle caresses.
Even your bites are like sweet poison in my veins
I delight in the pain because it comes from you.
I have loved you all my life and even death’s kiss
Cannot steal the honey of you from my lips.
I cannot remember when I did not love you
Even before we met and there was no joy in my life.
I remained true because of the promise of you
It was all I needed to carry me through.

I have cried a sea of tears for you
Died in a thousand little ways for you.
Dear heart, how can I make it more clear
In this universe there is no other
You are the living sun to my humbled Earth.
My love overwhelms me.
I drown in your eyes and melt in your kisses.
The strength of my love frightens me.
I am devoured when our eyes meet, our bodies touch.
Oh beloved, you are killing me in parts.
But it is a sweet death and I cannot deny its call. SK