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Casting Shadows…

Don’t be angry when his heart wanders Don’t sit in the house and try to ponder You never quite understand – here’s why No matter your reach it’s still too […]

You Eclipse Me

The Sun is in love with the Moon. How on Earth could such a thing be true? The Sun is fieriest passion ignited in the radiance Of the Words of […]

Strange Fruit –

Walking through the dark woods one night I see Strange Fruit Swinging black as the night from a white oak tree Strange Fruit hanging And I gaze up and ask […]

Letter to her Lover –

My love, It was always you You haunt my dreams and my reality. Since I was a girl I have longed for you For your kisses and your gentle caresses. […]

The Men of the 10th Legion

Caesar’s 10th…. Without question, Julius Caesar was one of the bloodiest, yet most prolific military leaders this world has ever known. You don’t get that title without good, loyal men […]

Scandals In Rome

Caesar’s Girlfriend Got him Killed… Rome Cat Sanctuary under Threat It’s rather ironic that the place where Julius Caesar met his end is now a cat sanctuary tucked away into […]

Vestal Virgins

Chastity carried a high price…. First – a quick history lesson to set the scene. Vesta was the Goddess of the hearth and home. By design she was also a […]