Casting Shadows…

Don’t be angry when his heart wanders
Don’t sit in the house and try to ponder
You never quite understand – here’s why
No matter your reach it’s still too high.
The truth is that I cast a long shadow.

Across the days and nights from sunrise to sunset
Devotion is something that a heart doesn’t forget
When it is experienced in truth it needs no reason
Its year after year, and in and out of season.
But the truth is that I cast a long shadow.

You may have won the war, and I lost each battle
Some things you can kill, others you can only rattle
Because look closely at what you really gained
Is it a love that’s true or is it stained?
Know the truth is that I cast a long shadow.

And if his thoughts & dreams are of me.
Believe what you like, I’ll just sip this tea.
There’s no need to fight and certainly not spit
I don’t have to say a word I can just quietly sit.
And the truth is that I cast a long shadow.

Like a fly on the wall of a place I’ve never been
I live right there with you, as big as your sin.
You want the dream, but in reality, there’s smoke
And the fire follows it, so take a deep toke
Since the truth is I that cast a long shadow.

I’m gone but since I’m not dead yet
I cast a long shadow and on this you can bet…

That no matter what you do or you say
You will live in it every single day
And you can ask why he never looks at you
The way he looked at me till you’re blue
Its the truth I cast a long shadow, you see,

And though you try, you can’t replace me. SK

You Eclipse Me

The Sun is in love with the Moon.
How on Earth could such a thing be true?
The Sun is fieriest passion ignited in the radiance
Of the Words of Creation in perpetual motion.
But the Moon is but a watcher, timing the tides.
Should one so magnificent to be near is to die in bliss,
The closest thing to God this side of heaven’s void,
Adore that weighted stone thrown carelessly into the black?

But you must watch them in an eclipse.
In the cold shadows of the darkness between them,
They draw together, energy shared in harmonic ecstasy
As timeless as the Father, and as natural as the Mother
And with truth and desire as ready as the Lover.
In an instant and an eternity, the Sun strikes in love
The Moon recedes in the same. Their dance is endless,
Too beautiful to bear, gifting blindness at the sight.
Oh to have a Sun to eclipse thee – what a treasure that would be. SK

Strange Fruit –

Walking through the dark woods one night I see

Strange Fruit

Swinging black as the night from a white oak tree

Strange Fruit hanging

And I gaze up and ask what crime was committed

Strange Fruit hanging down

Or was there none but what was made fitted

Strange Fruit hanging down from 

What little excuse  to steal this man from his life

Strange Fruit hanging down from a 

I wonder did they see crying his mother or his wife

Strange Fruit hanging down from a Southern

And did they still stand laughing at this

Strange Fruit hanging down from a Southern Tree. SK

Letter to her Lover –

My love, It was always you
You haunt my dreams and my reality.
Since I was a girl I have longed for you
For your kisses and your gentle caresses.
Even your bites are like sweet poison in my veins
I delight in the pain because it comes from you.
I have loved you all my life and even death’s kiss
Cannot steal the honey of you from my lips.
I cannot remember when I did not love you
Even before we met and there was no joy in my life.
I remained true because of the promise of you
It was all I needed to carry me through.

I have cried a sea of tears for you
Died in a thousand little ways for you.
Dear heart, how can I make it more clear
In this universe there is no other
You are the living sun to my humbled Earth.
My love overwhelms me.
I drown in your eyes and melt in your kisses.
The strength of my love frightens me.
I am devoured when our eyes meet, our bodies touch.
Oh beloved, you are killing me in parts.
But it is a sweet death and I cannot deny its call. SK